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Even in today’s world English is still one of the most widely spoken languages in global communications and amongst the primary ones used for business in many parts of the world. English has roughly 365 Million native speakers, the main countries being the US, the U.K., Australia and India. In addition to that there are about 300 million people worldwide whose second language is English, plus over another 100 million who choose to use English over any other language in their communications. English is a shared second language around the world and people from many different places use it to exchange information. English is a language of which mastery is often expected and that especially in today’s business community.

Yet effective and efficient communication on a business level is generally not part of everyone’s English language skills regardless of whether it is one’s mother tongue or whether it has been acquired as a further language. English business language is English for a specific purpose. Therefore it is in a class of its own. It has to be learned and it is well worth making the effort to become skilled at expressing yourself fluently in this matter. Learning Business English will be a valuable enhancement for you. This is why we are offering you our Business English Courses tailor made to suit your individual need. You will be impressed by the many benefits that participating in one of our courses will bring you.

As a businessman our Business English Course will:

  • Enable you to deal with the complexity of the present global business environment.
  • Ensure that you will make an impression of confidence and proficiency in any English speaking business community.
  • Facilitate you to grow your exports in the international market.
  • Guaranty that you are professional and up to date in the language of business!

As an employee our Business English Course will:

  • Improve your efficiency and achieve success in your career.
  • Give you confidence at your workplace by helping you understand the business English used that is being used.
  • Enhance your communication skills by helping you to speak and write business English clearly and distinctly.
  • Enable you to take on international business assignments.
  • Increase your employability and your promotion/earning potential.

As a graduate our Business English Course will:

  • Help you prepare for a business career.
  • Improve your confidence and self esteem.
  • Increase your employability and your earning potential.
  • Enhance your chances of getting a job in an international business.

To accommodate your specific need we are offering the following courses:

  1. Basic Business English Course for Beginners:

  • For those whose first language is English and who want to enhance their opportunities and value by adding proficiency in Business English.
  • For those whose first language is not English but your training is conducted totally in the English language.
  1. Advanced Business English Course for Entrepreneurs

Our Business English Courses for Beginners offers:

  • Correct English usage in business matters and how to avoid common mistakes.
  • Comprehensive vocabulary needed for business, administrative work, and international communications.
  • Language skills needed for common business communication, correspondence and business related e-mails, report writing, as well as the art of small talk and socializing.
  • Basic business transactions with English-speaking countries
  • Comprehensive practice drills in spoken as well as written Business English.
  •  Pronunciation Lessons for those whose first language is not English. Each lesson includes various sentences which after being clicked on will be read out to you with the proper pronunciation. You will then be able to repeat them until he is certain of its mastery.

Our Advanced Business English Courses for Entrepreneurs offers:

  • Complete repertoire for business dealings and transactions with English speaking companies/countries.
  • Language skills needed for all business communications/relations, presentations, conducting seminars, negotiations and meetings.
  • Networking and presenting your company and its services and facilities.
  • Instructions in the art of small talk and socializing.
  • Comprehensive practice drills in spoken as well as written Business English.

All our material is available as an Online-Learning Course. Most people prefer to take enhancement courses like ours as an on-line option because of the flexibility this approach offers. Online-Learning means that you can study anytime, anywhere you are and regardless of where you live and what your daily schedule is like otherwise.You can study form your home, your office, while traveling or even in a while waiting. As long as you have your laptop, I-phone or tablet with you and have Internet access you are able to redeem any available time throughout your day in addition to the regular times you allot yourself for your Business English studies. There are many reasons why many people choose on-line studies these days. It does not matter whether you are already fulltime employed, or whether you are busy running your own business. You might be a young adult with an active lifestyle, or a mother who is still bound to her home and children, but is preparing for re-entering her career.

The flexibility of Online Learning makes it possible for all to join in and achieve a higher level of education; independently and without stress.You determine when to study, what environment suits you best and at what pace you want to proceed. Of course you are not alone in your Online-Learning venture. We are available to assist you every single day of the week and 24 hours a day without exception. Our on-line tutors are ready to support you whenever you request their help. You will have a personal coach assigned to you who will guide you, monitor your progress, and provide you with tips and ideas of how to get the most out of your studies. He will also help you to determine when you are ready to take your Business English Course exams and ensure that you are prepared to succeed.

Another original feature of our Business English Course Online that you can avail yourself of is our ‘International Student’s Chat Room’. It is a perfect set up for you to exchange information and ideas with students of our Business English Course from many nations. Or you can just practice the latest communications skills you have learned. One highlight of our Student’s Chat Rooms is our unique ‘Interactive Roll Play’ facility. This is a very popular feature that will allow you to lead a professional conversation in a scenario of your choice and to get rated by your fellow students.

After completion of our various Business English Course Online you will take your Business English Course exams. Just let us know when you are ready to proceed. Your exam is also conducted on-line in the comfortable, relaxed setting of your home or office or anywhere you choose. Your assigned coach will ensure that you are fully equipped to pass your test with distinction. You will then receive an international fully accredited Diploma in Business English and a whole new world of opportunities will be yours.

Thank you for choosing our Business English Course. We are looking forward to helping you see dreams and ambitions come true.

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