Hello and welcome to Englishcourse.Pro, the opportunity you have been looking for. Whether you are planning to learn English to enhance your career, to aid and further your education, for conversing in everyday life, or just for travelling and fun, you have found the right place to fulfill your ambitions. Here at Englishcourse.Pro we are looking forward to assisting you and helping you to succeed.  Whatever it is that you have in mind, if it pertains to the English language, then we have the right program for you and will help you to find the perfect course to suit your intentions.

We at Englishcourse.Pro offer:

  • General English Language Courses
  • Intercultural Communication/Travel Courses
  • Junior English Courses
  • English Examination Preparation Courses
  • (Including for Cambridge, TOEFL, TOIEC & IELTS exams)
  • University Foundation Programs
  • Intensive English Focus Courses
  • Vocational English Courses for specific careers
  • Business English Enrichment Courses
  • Platinum Courses for professionals and executives

To determine which one of our programs is best suited for you please avail yourself of our on-line ‘Course Finder’ by simply clicking on the button below. Or if you prefer a personal recommendation you can contact our on-line English Course Counselor who is available to advise and guide you anytime you wish like to access this service.

Why it is a smart choice to study with us

With the wide variety of English language courses that are available why should you choose to study with us? What makes our program so popular and exceptional? To start with, Englishcourse.Pro is an internationally accredited English language course, staffed exclusively with qualified and experienced English teachers. Our programs have proven to be exceptionally effective, guaranteeing that you will be able to achieve the purpose for which you have entered our program. We offer personalized instruction and intensive coaching to maximize the time and effort that you invest in your studies. Our highly qualified tutors will be there to assist you and to help you improve your skills. They will be there throughout your course to help and support you at anytime throughout the day and at all days of the week. Whenever you need us we are there for you. This enables you to fully determine your own study schedule, and to be able to follow it through without any interruptions.

Englishcourse.Pro offers all the advantages of a well structured, professional English Language Study Course along with the all the added benefits of our On-line facility. In today’s busy, fast paced world studying on-line is the top choice of the majority of those looking to improve their English language skills. It makes perfect sense to choose a program that enables you to achieve your goals, without interrupting your already packed schedule and taking you away for your other obligations, be it commitments in your business or in connection with your family. Plus studying on-line provides the added benefit of cost efficiency. Why add the additional strain on your budget by paying for travel, accommodation, etc. if you can avoid all these extra expenses by studying on-line in the comfort of your home. To practice your newly learned language skills our programs offers a variety of international, interactive student chat rooms on all levels that provide ample opportunity for practical application of your latest achievement. Come and explore the vast learning opportunities at Englishcourse.Pro. You will be amazed how easy, exciting and pleasant enhancing your English language aptitude can be.

Even today English is still THE language that unites people around the world. We at Englishcourse.Pro offer you the best choices of English Language Courses which will meet your personal need, whatever your level, your age, or your purpose might be. We guarantee you a rewarding and satisfying experience and that your ambitions to further your English language skills will become reality. Your achievement is our ambition and we are looking forward to assisting you all the way to your desired success.

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